Our personalized housewarming gifts are always a hit, as are beautiful wreaths, wall art, decorative door knockers and other home enhancing items. Look here for personalized housewarming gifts, beautiful decorative items, housewarming gifts for gardeners and more. With 5 parallel blades, you can cut chives and other herbs quickly and evenly, without crushing them. Garlic press no more smelly hands while crushing garlic. Converse Marimekko All Star Premium Spotted Ox Sneakers. Yankee Tipper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder. I knitted approximately 6 miles of I-cord last night at KnitWits / Stitch Bitch for my decorative flower. Julie talked me into cutting back to just one flower on the collar, instead of one on the collar one on the body, as I had planned, and shes right - it will look way better. A couple weeks ago I traveled down to Los Angeles for a very unusual press day for Disney Animation Studios new film The Princess and the Frog. Many House Charms have matching Doorbell Covers, Wall Clocks and Indoor / Outdoor Thermometers available. Display your personal interests and sense of style with SWLonewolfs affordable, decorative home accessories.


A decorative bead to glue in the screw hole if youd like to use it. Have one to sell. Pin images from any website as you browse the web with the Pin It button. You have to create a board to pin. Type @ to mention people, $ or to add price. This frog doorknocker is made of cast iron. In usable condition, although the frog is just a bit wobbly. This ice tong is the smaller size used more often for decorative purposes. We had sleepovers, cub scouts, and doorbell ditching. The frog fertility goddess was adorned with a lot of breasts, and I thought, boy, this is cool. It was an interesting place to live, because the university was there and we got to reap all of the benefits of living near it. You were on the campus a lot then. Over 90% of their products are exclusive to the Design Toscano brand, allowing them to present unique decorative items unavailable elsewhere. Decorate the outside of your home with a one-of-a-kind, distinctive look with decorative doorbells and brass doorbells. Doorbells welcome guests to your home with pleasing sounds and charming themed accents that match the decor of your home.


This might be the prettiest thing Ive ever seen. Jewel Mirror from RH baby $450. 1 like 2 repins. Peacock Ella Side Chairs, Set of 2. Piper X-Base Accent Table. Dia de los Muertos bride and groom embroidered. These decorative doorbell buttons are both beautiful and functional. More information about recessed doorbell chime. When theres someone at your door you might not get the courtesy of a doorbell ring to let you know. Craftmade Builder Surface Mount Beveled Rectangle Doorbell. While entertaining outdoors this Summer, this hand-painted, powder-coated aluminum beverage tub will keep your bottles and cans ice cold and the two giant frogs carrying it will keep your guests enthralled as well. Learn the different types of dough, baking blind and creating decorative edges and lattices. The next time the doorbell rings and unexpected guests arrive for coffee or tea, surprise them in turn with a tray of delicious tarts or an upside-down pie a la mode.


Offering Decorative All Weather Clocks and Thermometers that combine functional quality with a unique elegant flair to enhance and beautify your Outdoor Living Environment along with Decorative Welcome Mats available with personalization. Overthedoor hook set of 6. Rustic rope adjustable door wreath hanger. Juno venetian bronze hallcloset door knob. Durable Squirrel Pattern Courtyard Supplies Copper Faucet. Top 10 Things Overheard at the Baker / Aziz Meeting. Top 10 Things Hussein Has To Do Between Now and January 15. Top 10 Good Things About Being in Iraq Right Now. Top 10 Real Reasons Were Being Delayed Tonight. Lovely Rural Style Household Decoration Frog Garden Stakes. Yard Ornaments Vintage Cast Iron Lighthouse Doorbell. JYJJ Treasure Couple Cat Decorative Ornaments 2Pcs. Cute Dog Style Soft Short Plush Toy. Cool Gadgets at DX Buy Cool Gadgets at DX with Free Shipping. RD32II 1080P Mini Sports DV 5.0MP CMOS Water Resistant Camera Camcorder w / TF / 2 LEDs / 1 Red Laser. And Im still not sure what color Im ultimately going for in here so I figured a nice decorative accent would be a good way to go. I started off by taping off the sides with Frog Tape to protect the wood and applied my Metal Leaf Adhesive Size with a foam brush.


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